Phantom Screens Lower Mainland


Can the mesh be replaced or do I have to buy a brand new unit?

Good news is that the mesh is replaceable! The cost will depend on what type of mesh and unit you have.  Contact us for an estimate.

Does your screen offer a pet door option?

No, we do not offer a "pet flap" due to the screen being retractable.  The flap would not roll up properly and the mesh would get wrecked.

How many colours do you offer?

For doors we offer 10 standard colours

For manual wall screens we offer 5 standard colours

For motorized wall screens we offer 9 standard colours

For window screens we offer 8 standard colours

We also offer 15 species of wood grain, 2 extended colour pallets as well as custom colour matching at additional costs. 

How often should the tracks be cleaned/lubricated or the mesh cleaned?

Depending on how often you are using the screens really.  Over the winter months I doubt any maintenance will need to be done but when they're first being rolled in the warmer seasons make sure the tracks are cleaned and lubricated (both top and bottom).  After that keep an eye on them and see how they're working, a quick vacuum or sweep should do the trick and maybe make sure they're lubricated every 4-6 weeks or so.  As for the mesh, it can be gently wiped down with water and a mild detergent once or twice a season.  If you would like to see a video on the maintenace of door screens, please send us a message so we can get it to you.

Can the screen be installed by a customer instead of being professionally installed by Phantom?

Due to the warranty that Phantom offers it's customers, we do not sell a DIY product.  It has to be professionally installed since we want to be able to back up our work!  If you want to know more about our warranty please contact us!

How long does a door screen take to be installed?

Depending on location (condo, house, etc) it can take 1-2 hours per door screen.

Will the handle on my door interfere with the screen installation?

Since retractable screens are meant to be rolled away while not in use, your handle won't be an issue. If your door is closed it means that you won't need the screen to be active anyways.  Sometimes we will need to adjust our handle height if you have a glass patio slider but that is no extra cost and will be determined through an on site consultation!

Do you have to come out and measure first?

For large openings and windows - Yes.  We are able to give you an idea of price before we come out though.  All we need is rough measurements and pictures of the areas you want screened.

For doors we don't always have to.  If you are able to give us rough measurements of the opening and send us a picture of the door you want screened, we are actually able to do everything in one appointment.  Measure, cut down and Install which can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete depending on location and difficulty of the doorway in question.  If you are looking to have 4 or more doors screened at one time we would generally recommend a pre-measure so the screens can be ordered to size before your installation appointment.

What do you mean by "retractable"?

It means that when you aren't using your screen, it rolls up into an aluminum housing mounted at the side of your door (or above a window / large opening).  Unlike traditional screens you won't have to look through mesh all the time, it will last longer since it's protected while not in use (from the elements as well as well as the possibility of physical damage).  It also takes up a lot less space and is nicer to look at than a fixed style screen or storm door.